A Love Letter

Love Water More

There's only one water, but lots of reasons to love it. Explore our water serving journey. World Champion Dockers® ambassador @JoanDuru and @MaudLeCar spend time with water every single day.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is woven into everything we do. 10 years ago, we tackled water waste in a way that was true to our mission — through innovation. After countless experiments, we developed Water<Less®, a suite of production techniques that require less water.

Doing What We Love and Helping Along the Way

Love Water More continues to build on Dockers® strong commitment to sustainability: to raise awareness on the importance of taking care of water. Surfers Joan Duru and Maud Le Car traveled through the French and Spanish Atlantic Coast meeting with other surfers and activists to sign a surfboard containing a message of hope and optimism. The surfboard will be auctioned with proceeds donated to Waves4Water, to support Dockers® continued mission to provide access to clean water for developing communities.

Meet Joan Duru

Joan is the best surfer of his generation: recently achieving the title of Surf World Champion. Joan’s father taught him how to surf when he was just seven years old. Since then, surf has been a focal point of his life. Joan is also a committed activist, always ready to support the cause of water protection. Surfing around the world, he has been able to see with his own eyes how pollution is destroying the oceans, and feels the need for us all to take action.

Meet Maud Le Car

Born on the tiny island of Saint Martin, in the Caribbean, she’s a surfer, painter, and activist. She recently created an association for protecting our ocean called: Save La Mermaid. Its goal is to bring concrete solutions to plastic pollution and also enjoy all the beauty that oceans offer to us.

'Surfing Is Our Passion, And We Would Like To Help Along The Way. And This Is Something We Can All Do. Positive Change Is Possible Everywhere, Like Protecting Marine Life, Pickup Up Litter Along The Coast, Providing Access To Clean Water Or Simply Reducing Water Consumption At Home.' - Maud Le Car

Maud Le Car - Surfer, Activist, and Dockers® Ambassador

An Upgrade In Style, A Downgrade In Water Consumption

We use more than 20 water-saving finish techniques, and we share our methods with others to inspire industry-wide progress.

Because Every Drop Counts

Every piece in this collection is made with our suite of water-saving techniques. In 2020, we saved 24 million liters of water and recycled 42 million more.

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